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AIM World

Your AIM World Tracking Link$0merand0mchaRacter$
You can get this in your AIM World DTC. Buy your AIM World NPP at the AIM World Shop if you don't have a tracking link yet. If you did not submit your tracking link, links to AIM World Shop from your website will simply be We can update this later after you purchased your NPP and you got your tracking link already.

Your AIM Global Website will only be processed AFTER Payment Confirmation AND Confirmation Of Receipt Of This Form and will be delivered to you within 72 hours (not including weekends and PH holidays). After submitting this form, kindly inform us thru text at +63 905 347 5766 so we can confirm if we successfully received your information.

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IMPORTANT: If for some reasons, you are having trouble submitting this form, kindly send all the information you are submitting here manually via email to [email protected]. Put your Order Number in the Subject.

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