OJ Chua Success Story

My story was all started when a stranger named Joseph Lim message me through Friendster saying: do you want to earn extra income? I was only 21 yrs old that time, a graduating student, and I still didn’t know what will I do after my graduation, that’s why I’m very open for any opportunities that will generate money, that’s why I hurriedly replied, “How?”.

We met at Greenwich where he presented the business and just like most of us, I fell in love with the opportunity! Especially when upline Joseph Lim made me realize everything about the reality of life. Here comes the membership fee!!! My being resourceful came out of this! I did not let the opinion of others affect my decision! I focused on what I want and that is how I can join AIM Global! (To the point that I am the one who created the thesis of my groupmates instead of letting others do it. That’s worth almost a membership! I’m not intelligent but for a person who is in need, I was forced to become intelligent!)

Finally, I am now an official member of Aim, first few months, I made many adjustments and sacrifices. One of those was not taking the board exam. My priority list is always AIM Global! I invested on knowledge, attended all the trainings of the company. I always take Ownership. I Do my own presentations. I went from town to town, province to province, city to city, region to region just to expand my business. I stepped out of my comfort zone. And my real potential came out because of that. There are people who tried to stop me along the way but I made them as my motivation to do this faster so I can have a result. I always ask the right questions to the right and credible people and that lead me to the easy and right path.

This is what happened to me when I gave my 100% submission to my mentor, no if’s not but’s!

  • 11 months: 1st car
  • 1st year: 1st Million
  • Travel Incentives Qualifier
    • Asian Cruiser
    • 2x Singapore Qualifier
    • Personal Travels to Maldives, and other Asian countries
  • 2nd Car: Montero sport (CASH)
  • Properties
  • Investments
  • Savings
  • Renovation of my Parents House
  • On going construction of my 1st house and lot
  • And the comfort and lifestyle happiness I can provide to my family.


Now I am bringing up my story to the next level, from inspiring young people to be successful in life and be independent while young, and now inspiring family persons, and a parent like me that happiness is, when you are earning great without leaving your loved ones, buy your dream house and making great memories with them, driving your own car with your children singing at the back, travelling and exploring the world with them and simply just being there, watching your children grow. This is what AIM Global offered me and is offering you. Happiness that money can do.


Credits to: Joseph Lim Facebook Page http://on.fb.me/1TUtxq7

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