C24/7 Testimonial For Stage 4 Laryngeal Cancer


It was January of 2012 when Mr. and Mrs. Vicente Garcia both working in an hospital got the surprise of their life when Mr. Garcia was diagnosed with stage 4 Laryngeal cancer.

Laryngeal cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the larynx. The larynx is a part of the throat, between the base of the tongue and the trachea. It contains the vocal cords, which vibrate and make sound when air is directed against them.

According to Mrs. Garcia, it is hard for them to accept the situation of her husband. Their doctor said that Mr. Garcia’s throat will eventually close. They underwent some procedures like CT Scan and Biopsy just to confirm Mr. Garcia’s condition. However, their doctor was already sure that he has Laryngeal Cancer and it is an end Stage cancer.

They were advised to go to another hospital for second opinion since their doctor told them that Mr. Garcia’s throat needed to undergo surgery to get rid of the tumor.

They went to another hospital and they were given another option to have a radiation chemo. But after the radiation chemo, Mr. Garcia will still need to undergo surgery to remove his entire throat. “Our prayer that time is what are we going to do? But we need to decide,” Mrs. Garcia said during her testimony.

Thus, they decided to go for radiation chemo for 35 days (everyday) and 6 sessions of chemotherapy. During the procedure, a biopsy report showed that the tumor is even getting bigger. “He doesn’t have voice anymore, he can’t swallow water or even his saliva during that time,” Mrs. Garcia said.

According to Mrs. Garcia, after they finished the 35 days radiation chemo and 6-session chemo, the medical oncologist advised them for another cycle chemo which was said to be a targeted therapy.


Cancer.org described targeted therapy as a newer type of cancer treatment that uses drugs or other substances to more precisely identify and attack cancer cells, usually while doing little damage to normal cells.

Mrs. Garcia said that targeted therapy would cost P165,000 per session. During that time, she was worried that her husband would not make it as he was already weak. Until one day, she met someone through friends who shared the C24/7 food supplement of AIM Global.

“We only have one thing in mind, to look for an alternative. Something to do rather than not doing anything,” Mrs. Garcia said as she narrated their story.

She let her husband take 9 capsules of C24/7 a day, 1 capsule of Choleduz and 1 capsule of Restorlyf taken directly to his stomach through a feeding tube since Mr. Garcia cannot swallow anymore. After two months and one week, they were advised for another Laryngoscopy, an examination that lets doctor look at the back of the throat, the voice box (larynx), and vocal cords with a scope (laryngoscope).


To their surprise, the tumor is no longer visible. “Come to think of it, that major problem we had before was gone just like that,” as she continued to tell the crowd while holding back her tears.

She was so thankful that they no longer needed to go through another cycle of chemo. The doctors were also surprised of the results. “We took the risk, it was so risky for us to decide to use C24/7,” she said.

During the event, Mr. Garcia was also given a chance by his wife to speak in front of thousands of distributors. He was thankful that God used the products as an instrument to heal his illness and he is hoping that his story will be an inspiration to others.

Mr. and Mrs. Vicente Garcia Shares Their Story During An Event

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