iPro-Tect 24/7: The Science Behind It

When I heard about what iPro-tect 24/7 is from Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, that it creates a 1 to 2 meters invisible force field, that it emits invisible fumes and kills viruses and bacteria when they come in contact with it, I thought it was just too good to be true. But knowing our CEO’s integrity, I just took his word for it. Well, I guess, I was not mistaken.


Now that iPro-tect 24/7 is already out, I saw the patent number in the box so I started googling to know the science behind it. And guess what I found?

The patent number is: US 13/479,956. A search in the Google Patent Search reveal some interesting information:

kiyohiro wakeFirst, the name of the inventor: Kiyohiro Wake. Guess who? He is part of the AIM World Wellness Advisory Council. He holds an honorary doctorate from Los Angeles Development Church Institute.

Second, the substance responsible for killing those viruses and bacteria: chlorine dioxide. The patent is actually for the pouch which can continuously release a stable amount of chlorine dioxide even under vibration or shock.

So, Dr. Kiyohiro Wake was able to invent a pouch that can continuously release a stable amount of chlorine dioxide. The details of the design of the pouch is in that patent information.

Now, a little googling about chlorine dioxide and this is what I found from Wikipedia:

Chlorine dioxide can be used for air disinfection and was the principal agent used in the decontamination of buildings in the United States after the 2001 anthrax attacks. After the disaster of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the surrounding Gulf Coast, chlorine dioxide has been used to eradicate dangerous mold from houses inundated by the flood water. Because of its unique qualities, chlorine dioxide is an effective disinfectant even at low concentrations.


Imagine how effective chlorine dioxide is? It was used to decontaminate buildings in the US after the 2001 anthrax attacks! It was used after Hurricane Katrina to eradicate dangerous mold from houses inundated by the flood water! If it can kill anthrax, what can your colds and cough viruses do? Imagine being surrounded by chlorine dioxide as you go around because iPro-tect 24/7 is continuously releasing a stable amount of it? You are protected against harmful viruses and bacteria 24/7!

That’s the science behind iPro-tect 24/7! Continuous supply of stable amount of chlorine dioxide around you, killing bacteria and viruses around you, even anthrax has no power over you!

You can buy the iPro-tect 24/7 in my AIM World Shop!

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