AJ Cuenca: Mechanical Engineer Becomes AIM Global Millionaire

Good morning! This is Marhgil Macuha, the founder upline of TGX-OMG! Today, I am going to share to you about my upline here in AIM Global. He is just 27 years old and is already a Global Ambassador of AIM Global. Here is his testimonial which he shared to us during our FBinar (Facebook Seminar) on February 5, 2016. Let’s give him a million round of applause!!!

AJ Cuenca with his Subaru ImprezaHello! I am Engr. AJ Cuenca. I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession. After graduating and passing the board exam, I joined AIM Global and made it as my full-time career. This might be far from my line of work, but I told myself, if this is going to make me rich, why would’t I make it my line of work?

What I liked about AIM Global is that it already has a system which I just followed. After 10 months doing this business, I was able to buy my brand new car, Montero Sport at the age of 23. I succeeded continuously moving forward.

My organization kept growing bigger and bigger. I got partners in different parts of the Philippines, and then it expanded globally.

Two months after buying the Montero Sport, I was able to buy a condominium unit in Ortigas. And last year, I was able to buy my second car, a brand new Subaru Impreza. Right now, I’m just 27 years old.

AJ Cuenca with Montero Sport and Subaru Impreza

AJ Cuenca with his Montero Sport and Subaru Impreza

AJ Cuenca in his condo unit

AJ Cuenca’s condominium unit

This is one of my checks that even myself can’t believe. In my entire life, that is the first time I received a big check with that much amount!

AJ Cuenca Check

AJ Cuenca’s December Check

Watch how excited I was when I claimed that check!

AJ Cuenca Claims AIM Global Check

AJ Cuenca. Elite Global Ambassador sa AIM Global. Batang bata. Nagclaim ng commission nya sa head office. Watch and be inspired!FREE Training On How To Attract Lots of Prospects Online: http://bit.ly/attract-prospects-now…

Posted by I AIM Global on Thursday, December 18, 2014

AJ Cuenca claiming his check at AIM Global Head Office

If you are one of those people with big dreams, join us in AIM Global! One day, you’ll be the one sharing checks from AIM Global with your name on it. 🙂

This is an example of our webpage. You’ll notice that I have multiple accounts. Its advantage is that the more accounts you have, the bigger your potential income.

AJ Cuenca's DTC

AJ Cuenca’s DTC

If I only have a single account, my available balance would be P18,000 only. But since I have 7 accounts, my available balance is P80,000! I earned that in just 1 week.

If you’ll notice on the lower right side, my current total earnings is 3.2 Million Pesos. That is the amount one of my accounts earned in 3 years. My point is where can you find a business with a small capital of P12,980 and after three years, you can earn 3 Million Pesos? Better yet, this is an international business! Yes, the capital is small but this is a BIG TIME BUSINESS!!

Don’t be afraid to try new things, be afraid of the things you could lose if you don’t even try.

Hi! Marhgil here again! You can be part of AJ Cuenca’s team if you join our team, TGX-OMG! JOIN NOW!

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