AIM Global Distributor Website

AIM Global Distributor Website For Sale!!! We are now Pre-Selling with 25% discount on Setup Fee!!! Delivery starts on June 4, 2016. You can ORDER NOW!


Regular Price
Setup Fee: P2,000
Yearly Maintenance Fee: P1,200
Initial Cashout: P3,200

Pre-Selling Price
(From May 28 to June 3, 2016 only!)
Setup Fee (25% discount): P1,500
Yearly Maintenance Fee: P1,200
Initial Cashout: P2700 only!

AIM Global Marketing Plan in Tagalog and English (Video and Text)
AIM World Marketing Plan with Videos in 13 languages
✔ Success Stories (Videos and Text)
✔ Product Testimonials (Videos and Text)
✔ Shopping Cart (you have your own online shop)
✔ Translation to all languages supported by Google Translate
✔ Easy Social Media Sharing
✔ Blogging Platform (so you can post updates)
✔ Responsive Web Design (viewable on all devices: desktop, tablet, smartphone)
✔ AIM World Tracking Link embedded to AIM World Information
✔ Customized with your photo, contact numbers, email, FB, your team logo, etc.

Here is a LIVE DEMO

How To Order Your AIM Global Distributor Website

1. Click This Link.
2. Click “Add to Cart.”
3. Click “View Cart.”
4. Click “Proceed To Checkout.”
5. Fill up the form with your Billing Details.
6. Select Payment Options (Bank Transfer or Money Transfer)
7. Click “Place Order”
8. You will be given Instructions on How To Pay Your Order. Follow it so you can pay your order.
9. Fill up this form to submit your information for website customization.


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