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Hi. This website is owned by me, Marhgil Macuha, an active distributor of Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. (AIM Global), under the TGX Alliance team. I named my team as the TGX-OMG (Online Marketers Group) because most of my downlines are recruited thru my online marketing efforts.

Who Am I?

Before I joined AIM Global, I was an active blogger who resigned from his day job as an IT Administrator in an international credit card company based in Manila. I earned thru blogging on my blogs. I also created BatangasToday.com on 2010 and acted as the web administrator, editor-in-chief and owner rolled into one. The site received thousands of traffic everyday during its peak days in 2011, with maximum reaching up to 1 million visitors in one day.

My blog, Macuha.com, had been featured in Manila Bulletin (Web Archive copy of the interview), both on their online and printed newspaper. I’ve been a speaker into several blogging events including the iBlog6 Summit at UP Diliman.


I was even interviewed one time by ABS-CBN Southern Tagalog about Search Engine Optimization.


When I was introduced to AIM Global, I did have a hard time recruiting using traditional ways. So, I decided to do it online using the power of my blogs. To date, my network is already big with members from all over the world, including Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA, Italy, UK, UAE and the Philippines!!! All of this happened because of online marketing.

My Experience On Maintaining A Website

I have more than 10 years experience maintaining a website such as this. I know the whereabouts, how to secure the site, how to make sure that it is online 24/7 and how to handle huge number of visitors. The AIM Global website I am selling here has been made for the past 3 months with the help of my wife, who is also a blogger. All the optimization I know has been applied into it. This website is search-engine friendly and even has a Grade A on GTMetrix.com.

Uptime Guarantee

I cannot promise 100% uptime (because sh!t happens everyday), all I can assure is I’ll be there during the tough times and will do my best to bring the site back online at the soonest possible time. My worst case in the past 10 years was just about 12 hours of downtime due to the webhost’s problem. I promise that I will do my job to keep our AIM Global websites available with the least downtime. At least 99.9% uptime, all the time! You can check the uptime performance of our website here, as monitored by Uptime Robot.

Where Is This Hosted?

This site is hosted by Dreamhost, awarded as the best web hosting company by PCMag for 3 years in a row! It is my reliable web host since 2006. It is located in the USA.

The website is also under the Cloudflare network with 100+ data centers all over the world. We have unlimited bandwidth allocation so you will not experience problems due to limited bandwidth. The 100+ datacenters all over the world keep copies of static content such as images, js files, css files making sure that the website is delivered to your visitors fast. Cloudflare protects its network from hackers, spammers and the evil monsters. 🙂

Why Did I Write This?
Well, just to assure you that you are not buying your website from some fly-by-night webmaster ninja who just suddenly thought of selling websites one day. The website you are buying is of high quality, hosted in the US by a reputable web hosting company and administered by an experienced web administrator who is also a member of AIM Global!

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iBlog talk from PinayAds
ABS-CBN Interview from WowBatangas

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