Abigail Macuha: Housewife Of An OFW Success Story


I am Abigail Macuha, 29 years old from Laguna, a housewife of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). I want to share our story with my husband in AIM Global. As an OFW it is hard to be apart from each other because I don’t have him by my side to help me everyday when I need him most. But we don’t have a choice because we know we can get more money in abroad.

Facebook is my way of communication with my husband. Until one day, one of his friends in Facebook shared videos about AIM Global. When he was still in Saudi Arabia, he told me to take a look in this opportunity. When he returned last 2013, we contacted the Facebook friend who shared about AIM Global. Then after that, we joined.

After 2 years doing the business part-time, we were able to buy a brand new Innova. Before, we expect to have a car in 10-15 years; because we all know that in abroad it’s hard to achieve your dreams in a short span of time. But because of AIM Global, we already have it and already enjoying it.


To the one who also have a dream, it is not bad to try an opportunity if you see it is great. Since you already see it, don’t hesitate to grab it! And I know it’s just a start of getting our dreams come true. Our next goal is to have a house and lot and to travel in different places. It feels good to help our husband to accomplish our dream together.

We thank God for letting us to see and grab this opportunity. Just dream, in AIM Global all of your dreams is possible! Don’t be afraid to try the opportunity, maybe, this will change your life too.


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